Мистецтво продажу кормів для свиноматок

17 листопада 2021

Продаж кормів для свиноматок – це мистецтво, яке ви вдосконалюєте щодня, приносячи правильні продукти в поєднанні з правильними порадами, щоб задовольнити потреби ваших клієнтів. Розробка та виробництво преміксів і спеціалізацій для кормів для свиноматок є частиною того, що ми робимо в Koudijs. Тому ми знаємо, що потрібно для розробки та продажу кормів для свиноматок на багатьох різних ринках.

For our premix and specialties customers to bring sow feeds to market successfully we have developed a 4 step sow feed support program. Our Koudijs sow feed support program combines the knowledge and personal attention of experts with structured information tools and on feed formula based solutions. Also we help you to equip your sales and specialists teams with appropriate training.

Respond to what the market needs with the right piglet feed and application solutions

A complete sow feed assortment combined with application support helps you to answer the needs of your customers. In order to help you we have defined the 4 key process steps. The figure shows a schematic reproduction of the total process that is fully supported by the Koudijs sow feed support program. These steps build from the foundation upwards, supported by the Koudijs knowledge and experience that is captured in easy to use sow feed support tools with each step. Working with Koudijs means you can be supported in each of these steps, whether you want to start from scratch, building your own product range or you are already an accomplished master in the art of selling sow feed and would like to exchange thoughts about daily matters and future developments.

November 2020_The art of selling_Varkens_Zeugen_Icon_1.png

Sales and Advice
Key selling points, training
and sales advice

November 2020_The art of selling_Varkens_Zeugen_Icon_2.png

Product and Application
Assortment design, product
choice, user guidance

November 2020_The art of selling_Varkens_Zeugen_Icon_3.png

Feed Design
Technical animal performancenutritional choices - feed content.

November 2020_The art of selling_Varkens_Zeugen_Icon_4.png

Feed intake <-> production <->
nutritional norms