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Koudijs is always focused on enhancing its knowledge and experience. This drive for knowledge, combined with our passion for doing better every day, makes us the driving force for your advancement. Strong partners, advisors & collaborators are essential in every business, which is why we work with various national and international partners. For example, we work closely with the renowned Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands as well as with various universities across the globe, such as the University of Toronto in Canada. Our aim is always the same: to quickly and safely incorporate new knowledge and insights into our animal feeds, into our services and, of course, into our advice to our customers.


Koudijs continually seeks new knowledge and insights to help our customers perform better. That is what drives us, and is also what makes us an accessible organisation that works closely with various national and international research institutes. We are convinced that the extent to which knowledge is shared in such partnerships is key to the success of the outcome. By keeping our eyes open and not focusing solely on our own research, we avoid overlooking the knowledge and insights that are already available.


Improving the results of our livestock farming customers - that is our aim. Koudijs operates worldwide and is always seeking new alliances. This enables us to explore and utilise relevant knowledge and experience in the field of animal feed. We closely monitor agricultural developments in each country and at the level of each individual livestock farmer. We know our customers and are keen to work for and with them. What matters to us is to proactively provide customers with the right knowledge and insights to help their livestock farming businesses to advance.

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