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Seminars on "Increasing the productivity of pig fattening"

- From November 26 to December 5, 2019, seminars were held in Belaya Tserkov, Ternopil and Mykolayiv on "Increasing the productivity of pig fattening", organized and conducted by Koudijs specialists together with our partners from Livisto.

The following reports were discussed in the seminar program:

  • "Climate Management" - Frank van Eechoud, pig breeding specialist (Koudijs / Royal De Heus-Netherlands).
  • “Diarrhea before and after weaning. Causes, consequences and decisions. ”- Ivan Yatsina, specialist in pig production (Koudijs Ukraine).
  • "Management of streptococcus without antibiotics." - Igor Mikhailsky, Head of the Department of Livestock (Koudijs Ukraine).

Representatives of Livisto Company - Andriy Fedov, Serhiy Babeniuk, Dmytro Novakivskyi and Vadim Komarov presented the reports "Coccal infections in pigs", "Sows health maintenance, treatment and prevention measures and monitoring", "Respiratory diseases, prevention, treatment, prevention differential diagnosis ».

After each report, active discussions, live discussions and exchanges of experience between farm representatives and specialists took place.

The seminar guests noted that the events were held on a high note - interesting and informative.

"Our customers' results are our results," summed up Dmitry Burban, Head of Sales at Koudijs Ukraine.