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Oilseeds processing
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Oilseeds processing

“D-Mix” conducts an active economic activity, regularly widens and increases the productive capacity. In 2014 a shop of soybeans processing was mounted. Its productive capacity consists of 45 tons of soy a day. And in 2016 a launching of oil-pressed plant of soy flower and rape seeds processing took place. Its capacity consists of 150 tons a day. Products received as a result of production are used as raw materials for feeds production at our feed plant. Besides, a part of production products of oil plant is realized for export. Accredited laboratory of the company “D-Mix” provides a severe control in the quality of income raw materials and a result production during the whole production process.

The final products of production of oil plant are the following:

  • the crude rapeseed oil of the first spin (State Standard 8988-77);
  • the crude sunflower oil of the first spin (State Standard of Ukraine 4492-2005);
  • sunflower pomace (State Standard 80-96);
  • pellets from sunflower husk granuled with diameter of 8cm.