Our aquaculture R&D facility in Vietnam in pictures

16 червня 2021
7 minutes

Our aquaculture R&D center is located in tropical Vietnam next to the Mekong river. This is ideal because we can do the research trials under near-market conditions. For example use water with similar quality parameters resembling the markets where we are present, in Vietnam, South East Asia and other warm water aquaculture producing countries. Water is pumped into sedimentation ponds to get rid of suspended solids, before it is pumped into a reservoir tank. From here gravity will take care of supplying water to the rest of the facility which consists of an indoor section and an outdoor section.

Indoor facilities

The indoor facility is used for research on freshwater fish, shrimp and marine fish. The indoor section has three sets of tanks of different sizes, 36 tanks of 150 liters, 48 tanks of 500 liters and 27 tanks of 2000 liters to conduct digestibility trials and performance trials. The various tank units run on multiple, highly efficient and cost effective recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS),water filtration systems, to maximize control of the rearing conditions. Each RAS unit can be used separately but they can also be linked to have equal conditions in a larger group of tanks. This gives an incredible flexibility in the type of trials that can be set up.


Outdoor facilities

The outdoor facilities are used for freshwater fish only and consist of various groups of testing ponds where water is replaced continuously with fresh water from the central reservoir tank. There are 13 smaller ponds of 100sqm, two larger ponds of 800 sqm with 72 hapas (net cages), nine real scale ponds of 500 sqm and one large 2000sqm demonstration pond. This allows us to test under near-commercial conditions that our customers are also facing, test new technologies and new concepts which were screened in the indoor facilities. Finally before the water is collected and returned to the river it is cleaned in a large settling pond.


Research facilities

Our researchers and technical staff at the R&D facility dedicate most of their time to research on a variety of commonly produced warm water aquaculture species, such as tilapia, pangasius, catfish shrimp.

Our customers rely on us to produce feeds that will grow their fish well so that they can focus on expanding their aquaculture. With our dedicated aquaculture R&D facility we make this possible.


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