Use of Solar Energy

02 жовтня 2020
3 minutes

Decreasing our local footprint is an issue we are continuously working on in the different countries we operate. In 2018, for example, we invested in a 516 kW rooftop-based solar energy system in Myanmar. This solar energy project is part of De Heus’ global CSR strategy of looking for renewable ways of generating energy for industrial production and decreasing the environmental impact. Myanmar being a country with high solar radiation intensity, makes it even more effective for decreasing the environmental impact. This has resulted in the realization of the largest solar rooftop in the country. The investment was done as part of the greenfield Mandalay feed mill construction project. In total 663 MWh of renewable energy per year is produced which is equivalent to saving of 1.5 MT of CO2 emission per year. On top of that, the steam consumption of this factory is generated by renewable fuel sources as well, making it the most sustainable feed mill of Myanmar, and hopefully an encouragement for other investors to invest in renewable ways of energy generation as well.