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Research & Development

Koudijs has been active in the agricultural sector for nearly a century, supporting livestock farmers and feed millers all around the world. So we know, perhaps better than anyone else, what really matters in this sector. We understand the priorities of our customers, both as people and as entrepreneurs. This is why we invest so much in translating all our knowledge and experience and making it applicable. With our animal feeds, our agricultural services and our advice, we help our customers to succeed. Because when our customers do well, then so do we!

To talk about well-performing animal protein production means to talk about Koudijs!

Effective animal protein production is our field of expertise, and one in which we permanently strive to excel. Besides working closely with various international research institutes, we also run (together with the De Heus group) our own test farms and state-of-the-art laboratories. We use all these means to determine how we can convert animal feed even more efficiently into animal protein. In doing so, we not only consider the feed itself, but also:

  • Animal health
  • Raw material quality
  • Housing and management
  • Process technology

We translate the new insights and knowledge obtained from our research quickly and safely into practical solutions that can be used directly by our livestock farming customers. Because that is what matters to us: providing our customers with optimal support.


We not only support our clients with our high-quality animal feeds and compound feeds, but we also provide them with objective advice, our feed concepts, and a broad portfolio of agricultural services.

Interested to know more about our successful approach? 
Or would you like one of our specialists to visit you, to discuss how we can help you to progress? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!