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Keeping animals healthy and optimising their performance: these are our customers’ goals and thus our own. Animal nutrition is key to achieving these objectives. Koudijs is dedicated to supplying high quality animal feed that gives predictable results and that ensures the success of our livestock farming customers.


Like our customers, we are entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who want to improve our performance, day after day. That is why you will find us in the field, quite literally; or else in farmers’ barns. We are eager to think along with our customers and to advise them whenever we see possibilities for improvement. We know what goes on in the agricultural sector. But times change and new insights emerge. And Koudijs always remains up to date. We not only produce and supply animal nutritional products such as compound feeds, concentrates, specialty feed and premixes, but we also actively generate and collect nutritional knowledge for the benefit of our livestock farming customers. Today and in the future.

From concentrates…We produce complete feed but also premixes and concentrates. Our concentrates contain all essential nutrients like vitamins, micro-minerals, macro-minerals, amino acids, additives and protein sources. They are easy-to-mix with your own raw materials. This makes it possible to produce high quality and consistent feed all year round.

…to feeds

Representing almost 70% of production costs, top-quality feed that is fully customised to your situation is essential for a healthy business. To ensure optimal results we’ve developed a specific method to help you prepare the optimal product:

  1. Investigation of local raw materials 
    First, we investigate the locally available raw materials and their prices. These raw materials can be analysed in the Koudijs laboratory to determine their exact nutritional value.

  2. Formulation of the recipe
    The next step is to formulate a high-performing and cost-efficient feed recipe, depending on the type of animal and your specific situation. Koudijs nutritionists calculate the optimal feed formula, in which local raw materials are included as much as possible. The inclusion rate of local products depends on your specific situation.



We operate on a global scale. From small farms in the middle of Rwanda to big integrations in Romania, and from fish farmers in Bangladesh to feed millers in Colombia. Every country and each business has its own unique characteristics. But they still have many things in common. That is why we work intensively with national and international research institutes and universities in the field of animal nutrition, animal husbandry and animal health. We also run excellent group research facilities in the Netherlands, Poland and Vietnam. This enables us to explore and elaborate knowledge that is applicable in very local situations, to our customers’ direct benefit. We actively share this nutritional knowledge with our specialists, so that they can provide our customers with the best possible advice and service. Day after day.